From my point of view, every HIYP (High Interest Yield Program) is basically a scam (Ponzi scheme). It's pretty simple to understand that every program that promises 1-20% a day, (when banks pay 5-10% A YEAR), is basically a Ponzi scheme, where the first investors have a chance to get back some of their investment and followers are pretty much condemned to lose almost everything. If you are a gambler (not an investor) and you'd like to put a chip on table, contact me privately to know about most recent hiyp.
After this introduction (very important to me, especially for our users from countries under development, where even a small loss is a big loss), I want to say that there are some exceptions, like ETHTRADE.
I have deeply analyzed ETHTRADE and I can say there is something good on this company:


First of all, the financial company is located in Hong Kong. Most of HIYP have the false (or maybe real, but obtainable with 25-30 USD) UK certificate (if you see one of this certificate in a website, run, don't invest). Opening and registering a company in Hong Kong is not so easy as in UK. You can check it on their website, in "contacts".
You can check their biweekly financial reports. They use Mostly ETH pairs, in both long and short position and results are excellent. Even in a bearish period like this one (that's is going to end soon), they were able to get a nice profit on almost all positions. Go to "to investor" section to see their financial reports.
There are real people behind. Under "Top leaders" you can see their faces and, if you look around, there are many videos and webinars with them. They are mostly from Spain (at least the main trading group, "global work team") and they are all connected with Facebook and Telegram.
In general I can say their trading abilities can easily support their output (our income) and we will see them around for a long period. 20% / month in the small package investment plan is 0,67% / day, sustainable for every Forex/Index/Crypto trader in daily terms (don't forget: the most important thing of every investing plan is the ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY).


I don't like the false office images that appears in some of their videos. They send to us some better proof of their offices and I like that (normal, young and low-cost offices but I really prefer that than the false standard image behind)/p>.


The basic deposit is 0.01 ETH (something like 2,31 USD right now) but I suggest to invest something more consistent to see nice results (0.05 ETH or more should be fine). After the deposit, click on the package you prefer (we have choosen the 4-months package by mistake, it's better the 2-months package) and remember to withdraw always profit (don't reinvest). If you use our referral link, you will get 100 DOGECOIN BONUS into your CrazyNetwork balance. Double check if we are your promoter, then invest, write us an email asking the bonus (we need username and registered email).

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